Clinton plea for votes

Although editors of this growing citizen journalism website are backing the presidential democratic candidate Barack Obama, I just received this plea from his rival Hillary Clinton on the social networking site, Facebook, writes Chris Gaynor.

The standard plea letter reads:

Dear Friend,

I need your help today. Twenty-two states are voting in the Democratic presidential primary. I went to vote this morning in New York, and I need all of you who can vote today to go to the polls as well. You can find information on voting locations at Make your voice heard today -- vote and be counted. Be sure to tell your family, friends, and neighbours to get out and vote!

Thank you for your help,


The plea comes as both Clinton and Obama are stepping up the pace to become the Democratic candidate to face either McCain or Romney who are the republican challenges to land the toughest job at   the White House.

Clinton and Obama both have thousands of supporters on FACEBOOK worldwide.

US voters are voting as we speak for their choice on who will lead the most powerful country in the western world.

Good luck to both of them!