Conservatives slam parish council proposals for London

A shadow minister for London has slammed the goverment's recent proposals on reforming local goverment in London as a 'triple tax whammy.' Jacqui Lait's comments come as the goverment publish a white paper outlining proposals to introduce parish councils in London along with a parish council tax. Councils however, have fought back saying that there is not enough money to fund a third tier of goverment in London. The outspoken MP criticises the plans saying that London already has too many tiers of goverment. She said: 'London already has too many tiers of goverment and too many beaurocrats, and now Labour ministers want even more - with taxpayers to pick up the tab. I fear that Londoners are facing a 'triple tax whammy.' Her concerns also raise doubt at the growing cost of the 2012 Olympics coming to London as she fears that Londoners will have to pay extra council tax to fund the greatest show on earth. She added: 'If the Labour party was serious about devolving power to local communities, it would scrap the bloated goverment office for London and stop the theft of planning powers from elected local councillors by Ken Livingstone in City Hall.'