Controls, what controls?

A select committee has slammed PM Tony Blair over the current  government's population policy!

The Commons Liaison Committee, headed by Senior MP Tony Wright, has said that not having a proper debate and clear policy on the issue could fuel right wing extremists.

Mr Blair responded by saying that the UK had a migration policy but no 'population policy.'  He was also grilled by members claiming that Eastern European migrants were putting a strain on the public services.

This admission by the PM comes at a time when the media has had lots to report about Home Office blunders, failing knife amnesties and brutal murders not to mention the vast array of  serious crimes that go unreported.

Despite Blair's excuse that all countries are battling with 'mass migration,' it is quite a disgrace that this government do not have a rough estimate of how many people flood these shores each year.

I am not for one moment suggesting that  government's should have exact figures to hand but to simply admit that they have no idea of the figures is scandalous and merely adds to the already chaotic administration under Blair.

So what can be done? The government's proposed I.D card scheme will do little to reassure the public that people who outstay their welcome will be deported back to their country of origin.

The only way for the problem to be dealt with is to have our borders tightly controlled and rigorous security checks implemented - there should also be a computer database which scans peoples passports at border controls and checks to see if they have a social security number, or if they are receiving benefits.

Sensible debate, sensible policies and rational thinking can solve this problem, not wonderland policies or headline vote winning five minute wonders.