Cos I make politics look green

As The Tories put on their shades in sunny Bournemouth, their is a sense of purpose to the old fashioned party that is trying to modernise with the times. As Will Smith said: 'Cos i make this look good,' it is now Party Leader David Cameron donning his cool shade image and Green environmentally friendly tree hugging party, as well as making politics look good at the same time. Last week Blair stepped up to the podium to say he was quitting. This week, the Tories are stepping up to the podium, now fully united in leadership and speaking with one voice. From Cameron to Osbourne, to Hague to Fox, all are pitching to the party faithful that the British people's problems are safe in their hands. Shadow Chancellor , George Osbourne wants 'Low Taxes, but is not going to write the 2009 budgetin 2006.' Foreign Secretary, William Hague wants to be 'in Europe, not run by Europe. Defence spokesman Dr Liam Fox wants more funding for the Armed Services, and Big Boss Cameron wants an environmentally friendly Green Party.

  Let the Party begin. Don't turn blue, turn green.