Cos it's a 187 on the undercover Blair

Chris Gaynor

BIZARRE   it may be but Rapper Snoop Dogg and British PM Tony Blair have been hanging out together in the prime spots of Hollywood no doubt sipping on Juice and Gin and smoking a couple of Rifa's before chomping on  smoke salmon and cream cheese dips.

The PM I guess is familar with the Dogg's rap tunes which include Nuthing but a G-Thing or What's My Name, as I'm sure Euan has been filling him in on the Dogg's lyrics on Guns, Bitches and Downtown Compton!

My favourite Snoop Dogg song is: Cos it's a 187 on the undercover cop, taken from the film Deep Cover, and Blair's visit to Hollywood is certainly an undercover operation to seek out the hotspots of his next unique operation.

Perhaps the public school boy of Oxford is searching for the perfect crib in paradise, where Euan can slam dunk in the street, or Leo can play with his toy trucks. What about Cherie?

Perhaps Cherie can be his no 1 BIATCH and perform his every fantasy while he sips on Tennessee Whiskey dreaming of poor Gordon Brown back home slaving over a full whack of MPs ready to shoot down Blair over his mis-handling of the Lebanon crisis.

As the title of one of Snoop's albums says:'He's paid the cost to be da boss,' and Blair is no exception.

The PM has certainly paid the cost of his premiership. War in Afganistan, Iraq, Lebanon and his domestic policies have made him public enemy No 1 on the political mean streets of Westminster.