Dance, drama and intrigue through the lens of a camera

The-Latest is delighted to introduce to you the work of Lara Platman, as part of its feature on inspirational photographers who have agreed to share their images with us for your enjoyment.

Lara describes the early influences on her work, the motivation to intrigue and educate her audience and the continued excitement  she derives from being able to view the world through the lens of a camera:

I am very curious by nature and having been brought up surrounded by theatrical costumes and the people that made them, I originally thought that I would like to make theatre sets, but when I was studying Fine Art I realised that I wanted to document and investigate.

My fascination with dance began as with most little girls, when I was taken to the ballet and my photographic work for quite some time and still on occasion to today, involves capturing that delightful moment of flight. But as with all art forms one has to find a way of making a living and my photography soon turned to portraiture. I knew however, that I was never going to stray too far away from the theatrical days that I loved and began working with organisations where I could document re-enactments and other curious eccentricities of character.

When the digital revolution emerged on the photography scene in 2004, I felt pressured into purchasing such equipment and at that point thought that my life as a photographer would be over. I took a diploma in journalism and started writing. With this new skill I was able to return to photography with a realisation that I could use film or digital technology.  

My interests are developing but I always retain the same fascination for "the utility of space". I want to know why people do what they do in that space and if that space has made them do it. Perhaps it relates to the fact that a theatre set starts off as an empty stage and when a set design is placed on it with an actor, dancer or singer, only then something is made: Something from nothing.

I have been fabulously fortunate to visit over 125 working environments for my book Art Workers Guild 125 Years. I have travelled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom seeing what is at the end of the lane, on top of the hill and around the corner. I enjoy teaching students of all ages the benefits of composition and lighting, in my opinion, the only things you need really as a photographer, oh and a camera of course. My love for capturing the incidental and unexpected has started to take prominence over working with the full set-up production of the studio, which I still do. One needs to know all the tools available to you to be in control of your photograph.

With over 20 years in the business, I feel that I am only just beginning to understand the skills required as a photographer and I am terribly excited to have chosen this as my profession. Along with journalism and a solid camera kit, I can’t wait to get on with more projects, commissions and see the world through my camera lens.

To see more of Lara's work visit and you can call her on telephone number 07973 747 248.

Art Workers Guild 125 Years by Lara Platman will be published by Unicorn Press in the Autumn of 2009.

Photography: © Lara Platman 2009


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2 Responses to "Dance, drama and intrigue through the lens of a camera"


Tue, 08/18/2009 - 10:44
<P><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 9pt; COLOR: black; FONT-FAMILY: 'Helvetica','sans-serif'">Very impressive collection of photographs. I was particularly impressed with those that captured the freedom of expression in dance. Looking forward to seeing more from this artist.</SPAN></P>
Balfour Muhammad's picture

Balfour Muhammad

Tue, 08/18/2009 - 11:35
<P><EM>Great photogrraphs, and a infectious enthusiasm. Every picture tells a story, and every image is a story in itself. I went to my first ballet recently, and the pictures with Lara's insightful story, is motivation to want more. </EM></P> <P><EM>Great!</EM></P>