David Brent - you must be joking!

Punch n Judy politics is back with a BANG!

David Cameron's latest attack on teflon Tony is to label him as the 'David Brent of the Office just lazing around.

Super Dave has been quiet of late - like a tiger waiting to pounce on his prey at the right moment - and his time has come.

David Brent, watch out as you may have competition from a redudant PM soon!

There have been many TV programmes satirising the work or lack of it done in Downing Street. Rory Bremner, Dead Ringers and that 80's Spitting Image.

David Brent is not dissimilar to Tony Blair, certainly better looking but both characters thrash about like wet fish and wave their hands as if their directing traffic flow, but I spare the thought of Tony doing the Brent Dance or even the CROUCH!

So, to the serious politics of it all!  Do both have similar management styles? Brent pretends to be a macho liberal larking about the Office - trying to GEE UP the workers with crude humour and even cruder body antics, and Blair, well unless he has taken lessons from PREZZA in team building, playing crouquet and sipping PIMMS, then it's difficult to see the similarities in style.

Cameron is playing a clever game! We always knew Brent's time was up  from the start - but we don't know when or how Blair will leave the Office?

What we do know is that Blair will be hanging around just a little longer!

Nice work if you can get it!