Dealing with life

In life, we have two classes of people all over the world. The Royals and Common, the Lords and the peasants etc, this group of people is commonly called 'The Rich and The Poor'
The world of the Rich is usually exotic and exquisite ..hmm you can always smell the money, from their cars, perfumes,houses,bank accounts,lifestyle even in the interior decorations in their house; chandeliers,silverwares,big rooms,bars, exquisite bathrooms and Aha aa "the Jacuzzi"
In the world of the poor man, an old crooked car that is begging for mercy,his perfumes is the stench of daily hustle of perspiration, and silverwares? Hell no! Its plastic spoon or aluminium spoon and plate,bathroom shared among 12 people,nice trees planted around the house in case the population of people in the room multiples by two, and for the new trend "Jacuzzi" they are left behind.
This is the wonderful things about Africa,we got our 'Swag' no matter how bad.
In every lemon we make our own lemonade, and that is how to deal with life. In this picture check this guy is dealing with life ...who says jacuzzi costs a fortune.
Make and live your life the best you can with the best you have.

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