Death and Destruction in Algerian Bold

Growing up seeing a band in their formative years is never easy. You know them, see them making mistakes, listen to their hitherto uncharted riffs in the countless jam sessions…and the smoke affects all, clouding your sanity.

In between I parted company, different priorities. So when I got the EP of the debut album “Death Destruction Sermon” of the Metalcore act from Calcutta (yea, I still call it Calcutta) Chronic Xorn, I was sceptical, to say the least.

The Band started a couple of years back, went a long way in the booming underground garage metal scene in Calcutta, which is not as over the top as Bangalore or Shillong, but decently nice. They also did an opening act with Lamb of God, and is quite famous in the Pit circle of the city night.

Describing themselves as Melodic Death Metal, I expected an Abigor plus Morbid Angels, with Breaking Benjamin type growls. I was so wrong.

To be honest, the lyrics was not quite up to my expectation. When a band wants to portray themselves as out of the box, and wants to engage Mozartesque Sixth cycle progression with Death growls, even the profanities should be classy. Like Queen of Winter, Throned, by Cradle of Filth. But such was not the case…the cusswords were like a rude reality check.

But the instrumentation was the Win + 1 part. The guitars chugging spitefully, with venomous precision, the vocals abusing larynx, like you’re three shots down, and a sledgehammer hits you at the nape of your neck, jarring your soul. The proggressions, the kills, the sudden rotatory drumming, all burns you down, like Absynth with Honey after sex…

My best two tracks were “Afraid of the Unseen”, and “Necropolis”…overall the band needs to evolve more, which with time hopefully they would, but this experience is new in this part of the World.

3 out of 5 Stars, and is definitely worth a try.

You can listen to their pieces on

Just don’t forget the alcohol in your blood, before you get on the freight train.