"Death is too good for Gaddafi," says Tory MP

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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TORY MP Daniel Kawcynski has said that “death is too good” for Colonel Gaddafi.

The Shrewsbury MP has written a book all about the regime under the former Libyan dictator, who is still being hunted by determined freedom-fighter rebels.

Talking on Sky News, he said that he thought that Colonel Gaddafi would do a Saddam Hussein, and be found underground, and should be brought to the International Criminal Court alive to be tried for the acts of multi-violence against the Libyan people.

He also slammed the former UK Labour government for cozying up to the Libyan despot, who had wowed the former UK prime minister Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown. Blair had even been photographed hugging and kissing the Libyan “Mad Dog.”

The continued hunt comes as a £1 million bounty has been put on Gaddafi’s head, dead or alive.

In Kawcynski’s book, there is also apparently a rare interview with the Colonel himself.

Kawcynski said that Gaddafi wanted to be “sole” ruler of the Middle-east, and when that failed, he turned to Africa, who rejected him also.

Meanwhile, rebel forces are still facing pockets of pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya, but Oil refineries in the country have been secured, according to NATO representatives. £1 billion pounds worth of assets is being prepared to be unfrozen to help get Libya back on its feet.

The pro-Gaddafi forces have been pounding areas of Tripoli, but also in Gaddafi’s birth town of Sirte.

Freedom fighter Hasham, who has been living in the UK, a mobile phone engineer, came back to Libya, picked up a gun, and had just a day of training to help his fellow freedom-fighters rid the people of Libya from the tryanny of evil. He said he would probably come back to live in Libya permanently with his family, once the country is back on its feet.

Yesterday, rebels had been circling buildings in Abu Salim, claiming that Gaddafi and some of his sons were hiding inside, and pro-Gaddafi snipers were leading them a merry dance.

Rebels have been approaching Gaddafi’s birth town of Sirte – to rid the town of pockets of loyalist resistance.

NATO forces are using satellite surveillance to try to pinpoint where the Colonel maybe hiding – it is reported that he maybe in areas where there are heavy pockets of fighting.

And NATO are still aiding the rebels by bombing key parts of Libya, under the resolution 1973, which the mandate is to protect civilian life.

Yesterday, rebels discovered an endless array of secret tunnels used by Gaddafi regime insiders, deep in the Bab-Al-AzizYah Compound, which was stormed by rebels a couple of days ago.

Global politicians will meet next week, Thursday, Paris, to discuss post-war Libya – after 42 years of Gaddafi rule, and how to help to install a democratic government.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the UK prime minister David Cameron, along with US representatives will discuss key issues such as unfreezing Libya’s £1 billion worth of assets, as well as ensuring aid gets to the people in the country that need it most.

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