Democrats nail Bush in mid term elections

Democrats are celebrating a sweet victory today in the mid term elections. The party that battled hard over the state of the war in Iraq seized the House of Representatives and are just a seat away in Virginia from grabbing power in the Senate. Across the nation people cast their ballot as the political landscape in America changed from Republican to Democrat. George W Bush junior is still in power but now faces tough opposition as the Democrats will have the will to scupper his conservative legislative process. Americans voted with their feet as a protest to the war in Iraq, corruption and the economy. But the change in landscape could also affect the rest of the world, including Blair's relationship with the US president. With 2 years left until the presidential elections, it seems that both Tony Blair and George W Bush look like lame duck leaders. The win for the Democrats has fuelled speculation about whether the Democrats have the power to put a strong candidate in for the presidential election. Senator Hillary Clinton is a leading contender to win the nomination. But it has also fuelled speculation about Bush's plans for the next two year's of his presidency. Will he work with his political opponents or fight to the bitter end? The newly elected Congress men and women may well plump for an inquiry into the Iraq War that will humiliate Bush. Either way, this victory may well be the final nail in the coffin for the Republican leader.

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Wed, 11/08/2006 - 22:51
Finally the Americans have got their act together - better late than never. Even Bush has finally accepted Rumsfeld's offer of resignation - on the third time of asking. Lets just hope the Democrats will signal a stark change of direction for that bible punching cowboy from Texas and his posse of Christian fundamentalist money makers.