Derelict house is setting for pop up art show

Daring art students from two UK universities in the leafy Home Counties mounted a one-day pop up exhibition of their work at an unusual inner city location today.

Installations, a film, sculpted pieces and a dramatic performance were put on by nine young people in a Peckham, south London, house that had been stripped to its brickwork and floorboards for renovation.

One of the students Jamima Grossett, 20, who is in her first year doing fine art and critical practice at the University of Brighton, told The-Latest: “We were lucky to be able to hire this wonderful venue for the day to exhibit our art work as part of the courses that we are on.”

She added: “I hope it will be the beginning of us being able to do more independent show like this.”

Grossett’s contribution was a short film of less than two minutes entitled, Girl going into a corner shop. It features Grossett and was inspired by a documentary made by Slovenian cultural critic and Marxist philosopher, Slavoj Žižek.

Yet Grossett, who plays keyboards and does backing vocals for a neo soul band, says she wants to do music when she graduates.

The death of two loved ones prompted Kingston University student Harriet Atkinson to fashion a ghostly white death mask-like work out of glue and cling flim. She wears it as a hat in a series of photographs that surround the mask placed on the floor below them.

Kingston's Xenya Genovese grabbed the viewer browsing the artwork upstairs with a big, pink abstract painting she titled Human blender, pictured at the front of this review.