A disgrace to the nation

Short Question! The recent revelations involving the MoD and soldiers being delayed in recieving the proper body armour for conflicts including Iraq is a disgrace, but a government that refuses to be accountable is an even bigger one. This evening BBC news were disgraceful in not having more News coverage about this sickening affair. But Channel Four News ran a lengthy feature on the subject. Ofcourse a government representative failed to appear but Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox was given hot air time and aired his feelings on the whole debacle. Why does the BBC insist on backing away from the stories that are more important to the British public, given that the war in Iraq is a hot political potatoe and the majority of the public were against the war? Why is it that these stories always come out when parliament is away on holiday and there is no accountability for it? What are we paying our BBC license fee for? SO that Natasha Kaplinsy and co can tell us how bad we did in the ashes cricket?