Don't let MPs have it all their own way

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The guys and girls at the political campaign website 38degrees have teamed up with another group, Unlock Democracy, to campaign for British citizens to have more of a say in how parliament is reformed. Just like citizens can become more active in media, through blogging and citizen journalism, 38degrees, and UD, are calling for there to be a citizens' convention where people can take an active role in getting a parliament that works. The team at 38degrees have already turned up the heat campaigning for a recall law, which would see MPs who misbehave with taxpayer's money, be ousted by their constituents. Already, nearly 100 MPs have signed up to the new Citizens' Convention proposal. Over 1000 people polled said it was crucial to take the opportunity to secure lasting changes. A Citizens' Convention would have legally binding powers to propose these changes. It's a chance to secure a proper hearing for the reforms which were popular in the poll such as Recall, an elected House of Lords and a fairer voting system. Don't let MPs get away with preventing you from having YOUR say. Afterall, it's our money, and our democracy. Write to your MP HERE. View the full details on CC, HERE.