Draper bottled out of blogging conference

Labour have attacked a report published this month that suggests Tory blogs are more popular - although it takes into account length of blogs and hits. Under the new editor Alex Smith, of LabourList, they have certainly turned a corner.It comes as the report by Social Media Affairs (SMA) found 19% of bloggers were Tory supporters, to just 16% who were both Lib Dem and Labour supporters of blogs. Sadly this week, former LabourList editor Derek Draper bottled out of showing everyone his expertise on blogging at a blogging and citizen journalism conference in London, hoping to pass on his wisdom to companies and individuals interested in hooking up with clients in the blogosphere. The blogging and citizen journalism part of the event read like this: "Gain An Insight Into The Mindset And Activities Of Bloggers And Citizen Journalists And Get The Tone Right To Achieve Maximum Coverage For Your Brand. - Perfect your blogger outreach strategy: how can you find and engage with relevant independent and non-independent bloggers online and build relationships with the organisations publishing the blogs - How do you best communicate with bloggers, what information do they need and in what format? -How can PR professionals facilitate positive public opinion of their product and encourage citizen journalists to advocate their brand? Tap into the increasing numbers of citizen journalists and interact with their online activity: do they signal the death of the  'traditional journalist'?" However, if you want real advice on how to blog properly, then on Thursday this week, blogging guru Yaro Starak will be involved in a webinar with a couple of friends of his, and will give you the 'real' lowdown on how to blog properly. Here is what a real blogging guru will teach you on the "**Become A Pro Blogger Webinar** This Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at exactly: 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST. You can get all of the details and register for the WEBINAR HERE.
"If you have an ounce of doubt about attending, here's a quick teaser of what will be going on... **Discover and replicate the time-tested proven formula for selling your own products and services through your own blogs on total autopilot... **Discover the top 3 reasons why 9 out of 10 blogs fail - never to see a penny of profit (plus how you can avoid these crucial 3 mistakes)... **What 3 key things you need to get right to succeed (that are critical to your success as a blogger)... **The exact blueprint Yaro used when he first started that's designed for beginner bloggers that'll guide you step-by-step to running your own profit producing blog..."
The top video is of a rather young Draper on Have I Got News For You. Yaro talks about marketing strategies in the other one.