An end to biology as we know it?

Scientists from a leading university could make fathers a thing of the past it emerged yesterday.

Experts at Newcastle University have been breeding mice from sperm grown in a laboratory.

Seven mice were used in the experiment where sperm was grown from embryonic stem cells.

Six of the mice lived well into adulthood, but had difficulties with breathing as well as being either too skinny or over weight.

The pioneer research could pave the way in helping thousands of men suffering from infertility but a leading expert said that growing human sperm was 'still years away.'

180,000 men are reported to be infertile in Britain but critics claim this research could create a culture of parentless babies in future. The baby would still grow in the mother's  womb but conceived from a laboratory.

A leading Watchdog, the Human Genetics Alert is worried by this breakthrough.

Dr David King, said: 'This raises the spectre of controlled human breeding, which is very worrying.'