Esher's Bear gets makeover!

An Esher pub  had a complete makeover last month, writes Chris Gaynor.

The Bear, part of the Youngs Brewery  has  been   transfromed   into a modern state-of-the-art public house  to fit  the new millenium.

Complete with  plush  furniture, kicking ambience, and eye catching clientelle, it has become a must visit attraction for Esher residents.

The town, home to Sandown Park  race course,   is ideal for those wishing to drown their sorrows  or spend their winnings on a stiff pint in high class surroundings - or maybe eat at swanky nearby restaurants afterwards.

Esher  boasts a handful of celebrities and Chelsea Football icons including Chris Tarrant and Joe Cole.

Formerly a dingy old- fashioned watering hole, it  has turned itself into a modern pub of the future,   complete with outdoor facilities and stern looking bouncers.

The pub has a bigger outdoor arena in order to cope with the number of clients wishing to eat and drink outside in the summer!

Esher  resident and trainee medic Edward Sames  said: '"This is exactly the type of pub we need for Esher.   Hopefully, it will attract a better type of clientelle but still give Esher it's individuality."

A restaurant in  the town  was the subject of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare's program,  as he tried to transform the pub Moore Place into a profitable, exciting eatery.