Ex-world boxing champion Mike Tyson 'destitute and broke'

Retired American heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, 43, has admitted recently that he is penniless on US Tv chat show The View. Tyson, who earned more than $300 million dollars during his boxing career said: "I had lots of fun. It just happened".

However, it wasn't all gloom and doom for "Iron Mike", as he revealed he's due to star in reality Tv show Animal Planet to help pay the bills. The programme will feature Tyson in his Brooklyn, New York stomping grounds both raising and racing pigeons.

"I love all birds, but what I particularly like are roaming pigeons," Tyson said.

The interview was a reunion of sorts for Tyson and host Barbara Walters, who conducted a controversial interview with the boxer and his ex-wife Robin Givens in 1988 about their then explosive  marriage. Tyson, who sat motionless through most of the 1988 interview, said on The View that he was in his “junkie” stage, and was likely sedated from medication at the time.