FA Cup magic is back as David slays Goliath

Ben Araujo

Cardiff City and Portsmouth will be the two teams that contest this year's British Football Association Cup final in May. For the first time since 1995 when Everton overcame Manchester United, a soccer team not recognised as one of the so called  "big four" will have their name engraved on that famous trophy.

This has been the year when the Cup regained that magic tag that attracts such a global audience.
Who would have thought that Barnsley would travel to the famous Anfield and dispatch the mighty Liverpool, and then follow it up with perhaps an even greater shock in beating the cup holders Chelsea in the next round?

Some argue that the fact that a  "big" team is not in the final will ruin the spectacle. Try telling that to the 90,000 or so fans who will attend the game on May 17.

Wembley is a special place for any team and any fan to attend and the Cup final is one of the grandest stages imaginable. The magic of the cup is well and truly back and the fact that David has overcome Goliath is refreshing. Football is impossible to predict and nothing is certain. And long may it continue.