Feisty Cameron leaves Blair flustered

Feisty Tory Leader David Cameron left Tony Blair feeling the heat yesterday in Prime Ministers Question Time. In a heated exchange in the Commons Cameron managed to pack a punch to a seemingly out of sink Blair. Cameron's fresh faced tactics left Blair hot under the collar, as Cameron clobbered him about the division and split in the Cabinet. Continually harranged by the young gun, Blair was unable to reply to Cameron's direct question on whether the Prime Minister was going to back Gordon Brown as his successor. Blair then admitted that the NHS faced dramatic cuts which enraged Cameron even further. He said: 'As everyone can see, this Government is divided and paralysed. The Chancellor is plotting against the Prime Minister. The Chancellor is accused of blackmail. The current Home Secretary wants his job. And the Deputy Prime Minister has got no job...but is still being paid. And all the while hospital wards are closing and the prison system is in chaos. How many more months of chaos have we got to put up with?' Blair flatly refused to answer the questions mumbling away to himself. It was the first Prime Minister's Question Time of the new parliamentary session, and after the Party Conference season. Tory MP's waived their papers around the chamber with a gusto that felt like more of an audition for the PROMS rather than a political debating session. The final score ended Cameron 10 - Blair 0. And half time has only just begun!