Heroic Police Officers dragged a dying man from a car as he was attempting to fireball himself. The incident occurred last night in Gratton Street, Portsmouth, when two officers were called to the incident. As the Officers bravely dragged the man from the car, eyewitnesses saw a fireball of flames engulf it as it exploded. Police are treating the shocking incident as suicide, as the Officers attempts to save the man were in vain. Believed to be in his 40's and from Portsmouth it is unclear why the man was attempting to fireball himself. Eyewitness, Martin Bundy, said: 'He must have dosed himself in petrol. The car just went BOOM and there were flames everywhere.' Another eyewitness claimed that a woman alleging to be the wife of the man was walking back from work when she recieved a text message saying her husband was going to kill himself. The two Officers had minor burns and a woman suffered a fit at the scene. He died in emergency at 10pm last night at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham. An Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into the incident is to go ahead.