Fireworks: a pain in the backside

It takes on a whole new meaning of a 'pain in the backside.' A 22 year old man suffered serious internal injuries after trying to light a firework up his rear end. The Sunderland prankster was fooling around on Bonfire Night and it is claimed he had been trying to copy a scene from a movie or television programme. He was attempting to launch a Blackcat Thunderbolt Rocket up his bottom which backfired and injured him in the colon. A spokesman for the North East Ambulance Service said that the prank could have proved fatal. Commenting on 909 Radio, Douglas McDougal, said:' the young man was a 'fool' and urged people not to attempt these pranks as they could cause serious internal injuries.' The Firework season is yet to come to an end, as the party season kicks off with Christmas looming. More pains in the backside for residents and animals I fear!