Flint strop over cabinet job snub

+++++++++++Former MEP gets in a strop over Gordon's refusal to promote her to cabinet status++++++++++++++++ Former MEP Caroline Flint yesterday quit accusing the PM of running a two-tier government. She also slammed his leadership claiming that cabinet women MPs were used for window dressing. A case of sour grapes, me thinks. Not only that, they're now dropping like flies.
Deluded GORDON defended his cabinet re-shuffle claiming: "I have reshaped the government around three clear priorities - cleaning up politics, getting through this downturn fairly and giving people greater control over their public services."
And that is why Darling, Lord Mandelson, and Straw are still in the top posts? Hardly a major reshuffle as billed, was it? Gordon was weak in not moving Chancellor Darling.
Gordon deludes further: "I have chosen a determined and strong Cabinet that will fight hard for British people in these difficult times and deliver upon these three crucial priorities.I would be interested in hearing your views on these priorities and the changes we have made."
Let's see if GORDON's so called strong reshuffle gets him off the hook with his Labour MPs. So far, the cowards of the cabinet have bottled out of the leadership coup. As the old saying goes, it is not what you can do for your party, it is what your party can do for you.