Former Tory leader gets all sweaty

Chris Gaynor

A   senior Conservative politician  was grilled by  would-be journalists at a training college in London  on Wednesday.

noSWeat, based in Clerkenwell hosted the event, as former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith made a high profile visit to talk about 'politicians and the press.'

The college boasts past visits from journalists such as Channel Four's Jon Snow and Guardian Political  Editor Michael White, but this is the first time a high ranking politician has braved the corridors of noSWeat.

The quiet man of British politics became even quieter as he was grilled by  participants  on subjects ranging from the regeneration of the Tory party, to the process of how politicians deal with journalists!

Mr Duncan Smith must have thought he was coming to have a pleasant half an hour chat with a group of shy, nervy students.

But lecturer's and trainee's alike managed to make the former leader  feel hot under the collar, a complete contrast to the grey, bucketful of rain weather outside.

One trainee asked him: "Do you think your unite or die speech was the catalyst in the regeneration of the Tory party?"

Mr Duncan Smith, shocked by the directness did his best not to appear modest.

He compared the relationship between politicians and the press as that of the 'sailor and the sea' and the students certainly gave him a stormy ride.

He wished the students every success in their chosen career with a hint of nervousness.

Let's hope the next politician to be grilled  will be  Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott!

Oh well, we can all but dream!