Freeloader Tony

Terminator Tony has been on a mission of late. Normally, he is fighting the forces of evil in in the Commons against the new super hero of the Tory Party, David Cameron.

But now Tony has turned his attention to the high life. Rubbing noses with the likes of Arnold Swarznegger, Bono,  and the Gangsta Rapper and rude dog, Snoopy.

The purpose of these encounters with the rich and famous is not clear. What is behind that grin on our leader's face?

Is it the fact that he knows his time is up, or is it because he has secretly been offered a new job, that  will be even more cushier than the one in no 10 Donation Street?

Glamour is the PM's middle word. He loves being in the limelight. He loves the attention from the rich and the famous. We all know his student days were a dream world of rocking with the likes of the Rolling Stones and the Status Quo, but it seems the dream world has now truly got to Tony of late.

He seems to be more and more roped into the world of Champagne Supernovas and Cigarettes and Alchohol but perhaps his days of being PM will 'crash and burn' all around him.

When that day comes, I'm sure that Tony will have plenty of time to freeload off the new friends he has made in the glamour world.