Fury over Harrow MP's excuses

Politicians love the word CHANGE. Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in this political broadcast on MPs expenses has obviously been taking lessons from me>? By saying that simply tinkering around at the edges will not change what is a rotten system. The only problem is, is there the will to do it from all MPs, or is it just a case that some politicians CAN'T CHANGE, and WON'T CHANGE? As I have said before, I bet that had this not all come out, they would not have been harping on about CHANGE, or REFORM. It suits them now because they have been found out. We will see if their harpings will be put into action, and not just words in future. Voters in Harrow are fuming at their MP Gareth Thomas today. The paper's comments section reads like this: "Gareth, you appear to have made a number of mistakes. I, on the other hand, have made only one, voting for you. It is not a mistake that I am going to repeat. Resign now, forgot your generous termination payment, show that you are a man of honour."
Another writes: "What a pathetic answer. Gareth  — could you explain the  £106.9k you have claimed in ACA since 2001 ? Why aren't you holding a public meeting to explain where you've spent that money and why you need a central London taxpayer funded apartment when you live a mere 11 miles away? Why do you need an accountant paid by us to sort out YOUR tax? When is the public meeting? Why did you vote against disclosure of MP's expenses?"
Clearly Gareth is in a bit of a hole and will need to dig himself out of it quickly. He claims that he made a mistake when he submitted two identical claims for the same  £1,000 mortgage payment on his North Harrow semi-detached house, worth  £309,000 when it was bought in 2002. He has since paid the money back, along with around  £200 he should not have claimed for in council tax and  £1,600 worth of gardening expenses over five years.
Thomas said:  "I regret the errors that I've made in terms of the claims that were paid out. I wish I'd spotted them earlier but as soon as I did spot them I paid the money back."
That's a bit like saying I wish I had bought a lottery ticket last night. Sadly, I didn't... Again, the same old mantra is trotted out.