Gaddafi's last throe of resistance?

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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COLONEL GADDAFI snipers have been leading rebels a merry dance in the Capital Tripoli, near to what used to be the secure Bab-al-AziziYah compound.

Rebels claim that the Colonel and some of his sons are hold up in buildings near the compound, as thousands of them circle the buildings trying to dodge pro-Gaddafi snipers.

They are fighting what they believe are the last throes of the regime, just clinging on. Some pro-Gaddafi supporters have switched sides.

The Colonel is continuing to make a stand on an alleged radio broadcast on Syrian Al-Orouba TV telling those who are left to fight against foreign intervention and get behind him to purify Tripoli.

Moussa Ibrahim, the Colonel’s press spinner, told one news agency via phone, that the Colonel was in good spirits, and that he was safe, and in good health.

Across the Capital, rebels are coming up against sporadic fighting, and NATO have resumed their air strikes under Resolution 1973, the mandate to protect civilian life, it is claimed.

It comes as yesterday, a £1 million Bounty was launched to those who capture the Colonel dead or alive.

Defence secretary Liam Fox did not admit or deny that UK SAS forces were working or being planned to be drafted in to help rebels win the fight to hunt down the Colonel.

He also ruled out rumours that there would be UK troops deployed on the ground in Libya’s streets.

Hacks on the ground have been following rebels around the Compound, and the rebels have discovered an endless array of secret tunnels, which could explain where or which part of Tripoli the Colonel is hiding. They also discovered unmanned ammunition spots, which have proved useful in their fight against the sporadic pro-Gaddafi forces.

“The Colonel is definitely in Tripoli,” Ibrahim told Reuters News Agency.

Fighting has also been taking place in areas outside Tripoli, including Gaddafi’s stronghold of Sirte, his birth town.

People thought that the Colonel would possibly return there.

Rebels have been protecting Libya’s oil refineries, as that will be key to Libya’s future prosperity.

National Transitional Council claim that half of its leadership has arrived in Tripoli.

Next week, global politicians will meet on Thursday, Paris, to discuss post-war Libya – after 42 years of Gaddafi rule, and how to help to install a democratic government likely to be the NTC.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the UK prime minister David Cameron, along with US representatives will discuss key issues such as unfreezing Libya’s £1 1/5 billion worth of assets, as well as ensuring aid gets to the people in the country that need it most.

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