Gear up for dream hack job

Ferrari 575M Maranello
Image by stephenhanafin via Flickr

IF you're mad on testing and reviewing revved up motors, like BBC Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, then this hack job's for you. Write into gear have teamed up with Shell to offer a lucky winner a three-month paid internship, as well as a chance to jet off to the home of Ferrari, Maranello - other prizes are also on offer for those who simply enter. All you have to do is answer five questions on Shell V-Power, (help is on the site) and write a 75 word or less article explaining why Shell V-Power benefits you and your car. I've entered the comp, here's an example: "IF you're looking for fuel efficiency, cleanliness, and enhanced performance for your motor, then Shell V-Power is the answer. Regardless of whether you're driving a pick-up truck, or top of the range Jaguar, Shell V-Power enhances its performance time and time again. Shell's Friction Modification Technology (FMT) was designed for Ferrari in Formula One (F1), and aims to keep your motor ticking over, and responding better." And here's an entry from someone else, Richard Boyle: "The sound, feel and inertia of a powerful car has set my pulse racing since an early age, but my diesel estate has never elicited such excitement – until it was borrowed by a friend. One tank full later he returned, having refuelled with Shell V-Power Diesel. I genuinely thought my car had been chipped, so noticeable was the increase in power and torque. Treat a petrolhead in your life – with a tank of Shell V-Power!" So get entering, and bon chance.... More info HERE.

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