By's all gone Bushy

The G8 is in full swing and the world leaders are demonstrating their charisma, or lack of it for all things hip hoppy.

George Bush, that Texas Ranger (Cowboy of the Wild West) has been shooting his mouth off again.

But this time it's not been 'Go Get 'em folks, Yee Ha.'

Bush and Blair's initmate exchange, unaware it was being recorded ,appears to be two rudeboys talking gangsta rap with Bush appearing to be in touch with Ali G from 'da Staines Massif, yer.'

Yo Bush fancy coming down to Staines and hanging out with the so solid crew?

Bush and Blair are like two peas in a pod, sharing the love of fine wine, fine conversation and apparently fine sweaters!

What ever next ?

Perhaps our cling on Deputy Primeminister will enter the House of Commons with his Cowboy gear on?

Don't laugh, the way things are shaping up i woudn't put anything past these bunch of chancers.

They all belong in a last chance saloon - How about some whisky for the ride back home, fellas?

The G8 is meant to be a serious look at world affairs and by all accounts it has become a talking shop for bad sweaters, hip hop and doubt Bush will be asking Blair if he can borrow Ali G's yellow tracksuit afterwards?

Some things never change it seems!