Get your figures right, Gordon

++++++++++++++++++JOHN BERCOW'S FIRST PMQS AS SPEAKER++++++++++++++ "Order, Order," the battleground for the next election is simple. Tory cuts, or Labour cuts - but Labour will cut less than the Tories, they claim. Brown added a cute little spin on that by saying that the Tories would have to go their constituents and tell them how many teachers, nurses, and police officers would be losing their jobs. He said that Cameron was the leader of the 10% cut party. David Cameron attacked the PM saying he had got his figures wrong on capital expenditure. According to Cameron, Brown said last week that 'capital expenditure would grow steadily until 2012.' But Cameron said that the figures show that Labour will be cutting capital spending now. So who do you believe? David Cameron said this: "The Prime minister has been caught red handed." Cameron quipped: "He says he wants to be a teacher, it sounds like he's lost the order of the classroom." He said that Brown should get up to the despatch box and just admit he got it wrong. But he didn't , ofcourse. Brown looked in a temper today. But then again, if you've been caught out with getting your sums wrong, you would be, wouldn't you? That's funny, what was it one Gordon Brown once said about himself not being good at Maths at school? He's just been caught out.... Catch up with PMQs HERE. Cameron = 7 Brown = 5 (That's generous)