Gutshot Diaries #2

Ladies & Gentleman, welcome one and all to the most amazing of transformations. Before you, you see a great big fish, a man so bad at poker he was knocked out of a Gutshot £5 rebuy tournament before anyone else. Now watch and you won't believe youe eyes for in a mere blink he is transforemed from zero to hero. Watch as he reads John Duffy's(1) bluff perfectly and takes the majortity of his chips. Be amazed as he knocks out Irish poker pro Jack Black with another great read. Gasp as he kicks the collective arses of over 200 of Europe's best poker players to reach the final table. If this is not a Cinderella story I don't want to know what is.

In short I rocked. I got to the final table with half the comps chips, I then admittedly played too agressive and got knocked out 7th which is why I'm a mere finalist and not Charity Champion of Europe. On the brightside I won 1600 euros which translates as about £1100 so at least I don't have to worry about rent for the next couple of months. Not bad for a nights work.

Have to admit my fellow friends I was pretty gutted though when I got knocked out if I had sat tight I could have easily have won another grand on top but c'est le vie. I have other news to report turns out that Poker Pro magazine may want me to do some European freelance work for them which would be pretty fricking sweet. On the downside they want to see some more samples of my work and my selection is pretty limited especailly since my computer ate some of my best work but again see the above.

I've got to go becasue I'm still in Dublin and this machine is eating up my money fast. Expect a more indepth report upon my return on Sunday. May lady luck smile on you.

(1) John Duffy, winner of the first Poker Million and founder of the EPT