Hail The Departed

'When you are facing the barrel of a loaded gun, what's the difference?' That is Jack Nicholson's opening contribution to Martin Scorsese's new film, The Departed, in which two legends combine in a typical movie about mobsters and crooked cops. Matt Damon stars as a crooked cop who informs mob boss Frank Costello about the Boston State Departments move to bring him down. Leonardo Di Caprio stars as the young failed cop who infiltrates Costello's gang to also bring him down. The two cross paths by having a seemingly sordid relationship with a Police shrink played Vera Farmiga. Martin Sheen plays the shy chief and Mark Wahlberg plays the sarcastic and jealous Detective out to nail Matt Damon's character. Based on the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs it's been an eagerly awaited film since it is Scorsese's return to his roots and love of the gangster genre. Not since Goodfellas, and indeed Casino has the legendary director created a masterpiece of story telling with his catchy love of Rolling Stones music and visual art of picture story telling. The Departed certainly doesnt depart from the love of Cops and Robbers, and with a stream of established actors in front of the lens, the film has become a celebration of the talent both cross channel. Ray Winstone stars as the bullish right hand man to the crazed psychopathic Frank Castello, played by Jack himself, and there are the young pretenders of Matt Damon and Leonardo Di Caprio who make Robert De Niro and Al Pacino seem like grandfathers rather than Godfathers of the big screen. What grabs you when seeing this film is the presence of Nicholson who over the years has treated us to his warped humour and his crazed characters. It seems that Nicholson has brought everyone from his past to this film. From the warped sense of humour of The Joker, to the psychoticness of One Flew Over the Cukkoos Nest to even his darker side in Witches Of Eastwick, Jack has taken mobsters to the next level and made them literally mad! If you are not into Gangster films, atleast watch this one for the prized acting of Nicholson and the others. Go on do it for Jack!