Health benefits of global warming

Global warrming
Global warming have dominated the media, and most western government policies, in recent years. The melting of Arctic ice and increasing green house effect, has lead to legislative initiatives such as the controvesial Kyoto agreement.

Global warming has led to rising sea levels with fresh water being introduced to salty oceans leading to changes in circulation pattern of oceans. Flooding, due to increasing sea levels and precipitation, is also likely.

According to experts such as Professor Dennis Avery, of the Centre of Global Food Issues, greenhouse effect has been a scientific fact for a century, “ warming has taken place has far back in the 12th century, ” he said.

Increasing green house emissions can also affect crop production and farming. An American health research group reported in Medical News today, said” 840 million people remain undernourished across the world. In 2025, the world will have 8 billion inhabitants and 9 billion in 2050.The demand for food will increase with 50 per cent every generation.”

So, it seems a gloomy outlook for the planet if global warming issues are not addressed properly. However, some some positive effects have been seen according to leading experts.. Scientists across the globe have undertaken medical research studies, which have found links with increased heart and lung diseases in cooler climate.

The Centre for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change have cited several studies on their website that links colder climates with increase mortality rates in humans. Even in Britain, annual deaths caused by seasonal flu, is lower than deaths that were associated with the heat waves in Europe in summer 2003. These deaths were found mainly in vulnerable groups such as elderly.

Is it hard to imagine, global warming being beneficial to the planet? There are limited evidence to suggest health benefits for human. However, growing evidence in the disruption of sea levels is also of note.