The House of Cons

It's a great life being a trainee journalist.   You get to travel, you get to meet new people, you get to challenge authority.

A recent trip to the House of Commons (or as my title suggested 'House of Cons ' ) proved to me why politicians love power.

When you walk into the building you are steeped in History, awed by its grandeur and shocked by the little lemmings scurrying around pretending they are all important and well, when it comes to luxuries BOTTLES of water with the House of Commons logo on them makes everything seem so...well POSH. It's good to see that the TAXPAYERS' money is being spent wisely THEN?

The main attraction of the day though, wasn't watching the Seargent at Arms prance around in a kilt. It was to have a chat with a minister for the Home Office, Joan Ryan (OF ALL the people to chat to journalists on politicians and the press!

Her charmly manner rather confused me? She has been a Government whip for the past four years and is now a minister riding the GRAVY TRAIN of POWER.

CAN POLITICIANS be that NICE? I think not, especially if they have been a government whip!

Something smells here and its not the food coming from the House of Commons canteen! -

No wonder Adam Rickett wants to join this all ENGLAND club that is taking the public and its money for a long ride.

I thought the House of Commons was a specatacle of our democracy, but since visiting it, it makes me cynical of the people who want to go into politics!

Im not for one minute suggesting that everyone who goes into politics is crooked, but as one famous line tells you 'Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely ,' maybe if politicians did a MIchael Portillo for the week, they would all remember why they went into politics in the first place!