How much is too much?

BRISTOL, ENGLAND - JANUARY 05:  A drinker enjo...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

DRINKERS who binge on alcohol at the weekend are not the only group at risk to liver disease, it is claimed. Dr Nick Sheron, a liver disease expert argues that  "it is a myth binge drinkers are the group most at risk from liver disease," he claims.  "The drinker who consumes a lot of alcohol on a Friday or Saturday night, but very little for the rest of the week, is giving their liver a chance to recover. Those that are drinking more than they should every day of the week are the most at risk. It is sustained consumption that causes serious liver damage." Is it time you curbed that second or third glass of vino during the week? According to the Office of National Statistics, alcohol related death rates have doubled in the UK since 1994. Perhaps it really is time to think about the future? Most twenty-somethings don't. Plenty can vouch for that fact.