I'm the daddy of Palin's baby says Black rapper

Deborah Hobson - The-Latest EXCLUSIVE

Californian urban rap star wannabe Kevin 'Khaos' is sensationally claiming on YouTube to be the father of 17-year-old Bristol Palin's unborn child. Bristol is the daughter of controversial Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Kevin, 21, of Los Angeles, says in a four minute 49secs video: "I really don't want to pull the race card at all but I really feel Palin is keeping me away from my child to keep her political career in good standing."

The self-declared Democrat and supporter of Barack Obama for the American presidency added: "I don't support a lot of Palin's politics although I'm sure she is a great governor of Alaska."

Kevin said he met Bristol in Wasilla, Alaska, where Palin was mayor, when his uncle worked there on oil pipelines. He claimed that Bristol and him had a brief but intimate relationship during which the child was conceived. Bristol's mother Sarah has gone public saying that her daughter's current boyfriend Levi Johnston,18, is the father.

Kevin says "we don't have a future as far as a relationship goes but I really care about Bristol and want her to be happy". He added: "Black fathers are a dying breed and I want to be there for my child." He has threatened to take legal action to protect his position as a dad if necessary.

But some people on YouTube are sceptical about his paternity claim. They believe that it is a cynical stunt to promote the young man's new music career with his group Draft Pick. Blogger Blackjet.22 said:

"If you are the father why would you go and make this vid on YouTube seems like you just want attention instead of care for the child if you did care you would take this vid off and stop looking media attention, there are thousands of young fathers out there grow up and be a man."