'I'm an immigrant too' - Mayor's aide hits back

Dear Editor,

I have just seen your website published today following our meeting back in May. I wish to clarify one point - as an immigrant myself I would wish to assure you that I would not want anyone to feel because of their background that they felt the need to leave this fantastic city (London) or the UK.

Indeed, if I recall my comment was in response to you raising inflammatory comments made during the election campaign by an openly Ken Livingstone supporting columnist. The columnist suggested that older people from the Caribbean might migrant back to their homelands if Boris Johnson became Mayor. I felt that this suggestion was ridiculous and intended as a slur and responded by saying with words to effect of 'let people go if they don't like it here'.

To imply that I meant that all black people who didn't support Boris Johnson should leave the country is utterly absurd and incorrect. And I would ask please that this insinuation is immediately retracted.

Boris and all of us at City Hall are committed to serving all Londoners from every community. Boris intends to win over anyone who criticised him during the election campaign with his hard work and dedication to
all Londoners.

Thank you.


James McGrath