Imagine Prezza homeless

And so it's final....PREZZA has given up his grace and favour all expenses paid luxury countryside manor. And about time too.

Oh well, atleast he wont be able to do a Cherie Blair and kit it out in fancy new leather sofas and carpets etc...and spend more of the taxpayers hard earned cash. MONEY that literally has gone down the drain!

What really worries me is the comments that all the controversy was 'getting in the way' of his job! What JOB? his department has gone  and well everything seems to be tumbling over! BUT PREZZA still stands tall - like a ancient beast beating his chest with pride.

NO JOB it seems is for life these days. NOT unless your a politician and can cling onto power for atleast 9 years - WHO knows where PREZZA will be in 9 years time possibly out on the streets begging for some spare change for a cuppa?

He wont be able to pop around to Tony or Gordon expecting a handout as they will also be out on their ear - and where will Chameleon Dave be? singing all the way to the bank as he didnt have to do any work atall! He just watched the Labour Party destroy itself and as if by magic found himself with the key to NO 10......LUCKY CHAP.