Innovation and investment, heard it before?

Gordon Brown today unveiled his 'vision' for a better Britain - and the trick to building this better Britain is to spend, spend, spend - by offering innovation and investment in the key public services, including housing, education and ensuring jobs for the future - those are his two 'watchwords' of the moment. Sound familiar? Twelve years of Labour, and Gordon is still spinning the same old New Labour lines about investment and innovation under this socialist regime. The package of so called 'reforming' measures were slapped down by the Tories under their leader David Cameron, who called most of them 're-launches,' and 'rehashes' of old policies, (Lords reform is back on the agenda by the way) as well as gimmicks by a government that has run out of money and steam. He told the rowdy House that Gordon could not admit that he had no money in the coffers. He said the Prime minister was living in a dream world, and joked: "Is there anybody out there?" The lights are on, but nobody is at home, it seems with our Prime mentalist. Gordon trotted out his usual mantra claiming the Tories would simply sit back and 'do nothing.' But will that line wash with the British people? Gordon retorted: "Not one mention of a single policy decision from the leader of the opposition." But Cameron hammered him back by saying that most of the policies announced had been first thought of by the Tories - and a not so socialist guy called Tony Blair, who just happened to lead the Labour Party to three election victories - on the same mantra.But this time, the mantra of investment isn't such an attractive proposition under the now Mr Bean, once Stalinist leader.

Gordon Brown & David CameronImage by bixentro via Flickr