Invisible Gaddafi fights back

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Pro-Colonel Gaddafi forces hit back today with tiny pockets of loyalist resistance, but the rebels have control of 90% of Libya.

Global politicians will meet next week, Thursday, Paris, to discuss post-war Libya – after 42 years of Gaddafi rule, and how to help to install a democratic government.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the UK prime minister David Cameron, along with US representatives will discuss key issues such as unfreezing Libya’s £1 1/5 billion worth of assets, as well as ensuring aid gets to the people in the country that need it most.

The meeting comes as rebels on the ground in Libya, have apparently taken 90% of the country, but are facing pockets of resistance from pro-Gaddafi forces in the Capital, Tripoli.

Today, pro-Gaddafi forces have been fighting back – with one last swoop of force – as Colonel Gaddafi claimed he had been wandering around the town discreetly. He urged his supporters to rise up and sink the Rats who were, he said, traitors of Libya. His daughter has apparently urged pro-Gaddafi forces to rise up against Nato.

More than 30 Foreign hacks who were hold up at the Rixos Hotel, have been released – after spending a couple of days isolated in the what was a five star hotel used by Western hacks at the courtesy of the Colonel.

Yesterday, the rebels had stormed the Colonel’s compound, and today, had been looting what ever they could from the wreckage, including weapons, and are now using the base to fight off pockets of what is left of pro-Gaddafi forces.

Questions are still being asked about as to where is the Colonel, and his loyal entourage, but rebels claim he is still in Tripoli in hiding.

The National Transitional Council are preparing to come to Tripoli to begin the process of democratic government, although there still faces these tiny pockets of Gaddafi-resistance.

Global politicians have been in constant contact with the NTC, and its Chairman Jalil, who are waiting to attempt to run Libya soon.

They have been urging rebels not to indulge in revenge attacks although the Colonel has a significant Bounty of £1 million on his head for anyone who gets him dead, or alive.

People have been wondering how the rebels can be controlled once the “official” fighting has stopped – especially since there isn’t an “official” command chain involved in the attack.

Nick Clegg, the Deputy PM, who is in charge until David Cameron the PM returns from Cornwall, has said that “we” had learned the lessons of Iraq, and would not interfere with the post-construction of Libya too much given that mistakes were made with coalition troops in Iraq outstaying their welcome.

Humanitarian aid has already been trying to get into the country, but there is a shortage of food, water, and essential supplies.

Yesterday was hugely significant, as the Gaddafi compound was stormed, and rebels gave his bronze statue a battering in the process.

World leaders are trying to not make the mistakes of the past post-war Iraq mess up, but are hopeful that Libya will not become another Iraq post the clean-up.

Rebels have been waving Libyan Green Flags of freedom on top of the Gaddafi palace, and have been singing Nato’s and the UK prime minister’s praises for freeing them of 42 years of tyranny.




Here's a video of a rebel wearing Colonel Gaddafi's prized hat.
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