It wasn't me guv!

It wasn't me guv! How often do we here this phrase in society? From top to bottom, and even in our own lives we all fail to take the blame for something that was patently our own making.

The classic example is the recent Home Office fiasco. Teflon Tony had to get rid of Charles Clarke in order to put the 'house' in order as all was not well in the Home Office.

He then went to the drastic step of appointing DR John Reid - AKA superman - who could turn the Home Office round as a failing, chaotic, and inefficient department into one of the best departments in government.  

Sweet dreams are made of these - as Annie Lennox used to sing - but 'who am  I to disagree?

When Reid was faced by a group of MPs - he blamed his own department for being chaotic. Blaming the civil servants is easy. For politicians to actually own up and say 'im sorry'   would be  like seeing  silver turn into gold!  

So when are politicians going to actually take the blame for something which, surely is a policy decision rather than a systematic failure of the men in black whose job is to actually implement the policies pursued by governments

Could you imagine these minsiters sitting in front of Sir Alan Sugar and trumping up their policies? I imagine as once said on the programme by the man himself- 'quite frankly i'd like to get rid of all of the bleeding 3 of you!' Only in this case, it would be a whole cabinet.

Enough said on this for now - as i said 'It wasn't me guv!

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Sun, 05/28/2006 - 17:01
The Home Office seems to be the poisoned chalice offered by our Tony, Mr Blair, to credible contenders for his top job as Prime Minister. Blunkett, Clarke and now Reid have all been touted in the press as possible future leaders of the Labour Party and ultimately the country. Perhaps it&rsquo;s too simplistic or wicked to suggest that Tony watches with some glee as each potential rival is felled by a combination of ineffective departmental policy, personal impropriety and misplaced trust. Dr John Reid should remember the words spoken by Tony before he &lsquo;resigns&rsquo; &lsquo;failing&rsquo; cabinet colleagues- &ldquo;You have my full support&rdquo;.<br /><br />