It's hard work being the Mayor of London

David Cano

Do you know who I miss? The old Boris Johnson, pictured right. Remember him? The bumbling, casually racist toff you couldn't help but love. Even when he did something terrible like, refer to black children as "picaninnies", all he had to do was mumble an awkward apology and you just felt like ruffling his hair and telling him it was alright.

But then he decided to run for Mayor and he suddenly got all serious and boring. It was almost like the daunting pressure of running one of the largest, most populated and richest cities on earth, sapped all the spunk out of him.

I actually interviewed him   during the run up to the Mayoral election. By then, it was already too late. All his answers were all polished and full of campaign rhetoric and bullshit. It was horrible.