Jodie Marsh - Victim or Vixen?

By Deborah Hobson

Glamour model Jodie Marsh rightly received the most votes from ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother (CBB) housemates who wanted her evicted. That made her the most unpopular contestant in the first round of the primetime Channel 4 reality show. Marsh, the 27-year-old from Essex, is renowned for her mountainous mammaries and public feud with fellow big boobed pinup Jordan as well as her acid comments about other showbiz colleagues.

She has annoyed fellow CBB house mates, outspoken George Galloway, the anti-Iraq war MP and ex-TV presenter and comedian Michael Barrymore, after a series of tearful outbursts.

Marsh claims that she is being “picked on” by co-contestants, influenced by her negative tabloid newspaper ‘bimbo’ image. Indeed, Galloway, with characteristic eloquence and satire, told Big Brother (and of course millions of TV viewers) that he was casting a vote against Marsh because she “was a very troublesome element”, “argumentative”, “lazy”; “neither cooks nor cleans” and “consumes a fantastic amount of alcohol resulting in her sullen mood in the mornings”.

He was joined by seven other BB house mates who couldn’t wait to see the back of Marsh. Bloggers have also had some harsh words for her.

Andy, also from Essex:

“I was willing to give jodie Marsh the benefit of the doubt from all her usual News of the World headlines when she entered the house, but I'm sorry jodie has committed a cardinal as far as I'm concerned... she's given the British media credence about what they write. Celebrities across the land will be putting their heads in there hands”.

Maria, Central Scotland:

jodie has done nothing but whinge and complain the whole time she has been in that house, and whenever anyone gives advice... she doesn't listen!
It was about time someone told her this and reminded her that she isn't perfect. I know they aren't, but they don't think they are... that’s the difference”.

Dave, Ealing:

How is "listen to those people in the business and take in what they say" bad advice ? I totally sympathise with how Michael got frustrated. You try to help someone and they won’t even shut up for two seconds to hear the advice. I should point out.. I’m not a "I hate jodie Marsh" person... the girl needs serious counselling and psychiatric help”.

John, Ilford:

Is it just me or do the producers of Celebrity Big Brother look for the most "on the edge" personalities they can find? Vanessa Feltz, Les Dennis ... it should be renamed Celebrity Nervous Breakdown!

As an independent MP, Galloway has very little effect on policy in the House of Commons anyway. His constituents elected him on an anti-war agenda, and if he gets that message across on screen at all I think he is doing a much more worthy job on BB.