Journalism's future is in all our hands

Journalism, distilled.
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IF you're just slightly interested in where journalism is heading, then this so called 'get together' may just be for you. Next month (December 7), journalist and blogger Adam Westbrook will meet up with anyone who turns up with ideas and wants to see journalism's future put on the right tracks - considering it is going through a rough time of it lately. Those who attend will meet at a bar near Waterloo, London, and discuss the industry's future. He warns on his blog though that this is not a meeting to vent your anger at newspapers, or diss them, this is to come up with some sensible ideas on how the industry can be improved. All ideas welcome. You don't have to be a journalist even, you can be a student, a j-entrepreneur, a new media blogger, an old school newspaper/magazine hack, or just an ordinary member of the public who is keen on making a difference. Westbrook adds at the end: "Most of all, I want it to be a forum where we can all have a say on the future of our craft, without having to pay hundreds in conference fees." No doubt alcohol will be involved too... More details and sign up over at Westbrook's blog.
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