Lame Duck Bush Facing Elections Defeat

Americans voted on Tuesday in elections for Congress that could severely weaken the power of George W. Bush and the Republicans. And could ultimately force a change of direction in Iraq and shape the legacy of a president with just two years left in office. Democrats are on course to recapture control of the U.S. House of Representatives from Republicans for the first time since 1994, opinion polls showed, with their chance of taking over the Senate hinging on several key races that are too close to call. George Dubya could enter what is known as the lame duck phase of presidency (seventh and eighth years) with the Democrats holding a majority in either chamber of Congress which could put paid to Bush's second-term legislative agenda and give the Democrats a chance to investigate his most controversial policy decisions, including the war in Iraq. Democrats need to pick up 15 House seats and six Senate seats to seize control of both chambers. Two national opinion polls on Monday showed that the Democrats still held a double-digit advantage and revealed that there is a strong desire for change among pissed off voters. However, this morning, new polls have indicated that the Republicans are closing the gap. But history is on the side of the Democrats as traditionally the party holding the White House loses seats when in the President is in his sixth year. In a campaign dominated by Iraq, Bush defended his handling of the war to the end, despite his low job approval ratings and growing public discontent. He questioned whether or not the Democrats would have done things differently and predicted that Republicans would retain control of Congress. Intimidation. Alarmingly, there have been scores of incidents whereby Republicans are intimidating Democrat voters with imprisonment if they vote against the Dubya administration. Visit for a voicemail transcript of what Democrat Tim Daly had to say about this.