Lame Ducks Looked Worried

++++++++PMQS: THE DEAD DUCK EDITION:+++++++++++++ Gordon Brown was abysmal today in PMQs - the cabinet looked sheapish, worried, and above all unconvincing in support for Mr Bean. Jack Straw as usual was like a nodding dog. Tory and Liberal Democrat leaders David Cameron and Nick Clegg had valid points on why Mr Bean doesn't get the whole reason why there needs to be a general election. Gordon paid tribute to the Communities secretary Hazel Blears, and Jacqui Smith. Pity that Blears's endorsement of his abilities was not mutual. Although turncoat Brown has since said he hopes Blears will be back in cabinet in future. Hopefully, he won't be PM though! Cameron said: "The government is collapsing before people's very eyes. He just doesn't get it." And Nick Clegg said that Labour is finished. Gordon is in denial. He tried to trot out the usual matra that the Tories were a do nothing Party that for yet another week had not discussed the important issues of the day. Well, a government in paralysis is a serious issue, that needs to be addressed. GORDON, show some humility, grow some courage, get a bit of bottle, get in your car and drive down to Buckingham Palace and call that election. It's not rocket science. GOT IT? Ratings: GORDON BROWN = 4 David Cameron = 7 Nick Clegg = 7