The-Latest featured photographer


Several young, creative photographers are working with The-Latest to share some of their exciting images. The fourth in our series is Cecilia Anesi, who made a huge impact on this site with her eyewitness reporting of the G20 protests.


Cecilia , 21, is a freelance photographer and journalist from Citta' della Pieve in the centre of Italy. She is currently studying for a BA degree in journalism and sociology at City University, London UK, where she takes photographs and writes for the Inquirer, the independent newspaper of the university. Cecilia has also written feature stories and engaged in photographic work for the BA degree final year project - a website about the regeneration of east London. She is also the site's present webmaster.

The daughter of two architects, Cecilia maintains a keen interest in architecture and its influence on society. Her photographic work also reflects an appreciation of social issues like immigration, the environment and international affairs. Cecilia collaborates with the Italian online publication Peace Reporter, Index on Censorship and The Guardian. She has also worked for a period of two years for the Slovene magazine Kazin.

Cecilia's recent projects include direction of Madart, a short documentary on the artistic activities at a mental health institution in Trieste, northeast Italy and a photographic exhibition called The Warrior of Light which showed in Italy and London.

Photography: Cecilia Anesi



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