Legend Mr T turns to chat

Mohawk legend and beefed up star Mr T has returned from the wilderness. The star of the 80's series The A Team who drenched himself in Bling retired from mainstream after contracting cancer is set to return to host his own chat show. He dissappeared from fame in 1995 and underwent severe cancer treatment but is now back and remembers the companies who snubbed him when he contracted the fatal disease. Now 54 and much trimmer than before, the hard man who inspired a generation with his tough man image has ripped off his gold chains and says he did it out of a mark of respect to those who lost everything in natural disasters such as New Orleans. Known as BA Baracus, he also had a part to play as a boxer in the movie Rocky 3 and says he decided to do a television show to listen to other people's problems. Raised by a single mother with 11 siblings Mr T knows how tough the real world can be.