Lib Dem gets cheeky with 'Cheeky Girl'

Chris Gaynor

A Flambouyant Liberal Democrat MP is getting cheeky with a young Romanian pop star it has emerged.

Lembit Opik, 41, whom split up with Sian Lloyd, the face of ITV weather is now dating one singer from one of pop's cheekiest bands, 'The Cheeky Girls.'

Gabriela Irimia, 24, whose hit is, 'We are The Cheeky Girls,' is half the MP's age, as her mother is claimed to be 'very impressed' with her daughter's boyfriends 'behaviour.'

Margit Irimia, said: 'She is a normal girl, and he is a normal man, and he has so much charisma and is so nice.'

Mr Opik and former lover Ms Lloyd split some time ago, it is claimed, but the Montgomeryshire MP still holds her in high regard.

He said: 'Sian and I had many good times together and I will treasure those always.'

His first date with the Cheeky Girl singer was a visit to the Science Museum in west London.

She claims to be smitten with the charismatic politician who has raised the profile of the Liberal Party with his own 'cheekiness.'

He appeared with Ms Lloyd in March on Chris Tarrant's peak ITV show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, raising  £64,000 for charity with the welsh weathergirl.

Mr Opik also said that Ms Lloyd contributed a lot to raising money for good causes and also taught him to speak Welsh.

His new sweetheart Ms Irimia is said to be very strong willed and not worried about the age gap.