Libya: David Cameron praised by opposition

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WATCH this video, below, and contrast it with today in parliament when PM David Cameron was congratulated by the majority of MPs of all hues regarding his leadership of aiding the Libyan uprising we have seen in the past couple of weeks. When things go well, it seems Labour want to be there to bask in the glory – I bet their offers of congratulations to David Cameron’s leadership on the issue of Libya stuck in their throats deep down? You will remember that over the past few weeks, Labour have been doggedly out to nail Cameron over his judgement and leadership of hiring into the no 10 press machine Andy Coulson, who had to resign from Downing Street as Cameron's press chief. So to go from doggedly accusing Cameron of being a poor leader to a truely inspirational figure on the international scene must have been tough for Labour to handle. Harriet Harman certainly didn't look at all comfortable when Miliband was licking Dave's boots.

Even the Labour leader Ed Miliband, who, in the video below, was sceptical all those months ago about the Tory PM’s position and leadership on Libya, ended up appearing like a nodding dog today in praising the PM’s tough leadership on securing two UN resolutions and a no fly zone over Libya.

David Cameron made a statement in which he told MPs that Britain could be proud in the role it played in freeing the Libyan people from 42 years of tyranny under the iron-fisted Colonel Gaddafi.

He aired on the side of caution by saying that the job was not yet done, but the signs were that the National Transitional Council under chairman Jalil were up to the job of running Libya.

Assets of £1 billion had been unfrozen last week to aid Libya in its reconstruction, along with $15 billion from the UN.

Cameron also said that there should be caution when it comes to judging how complicit Britain was in torturing terror suspects in foreign countries.

He said that this wasn’t an international success, it was a Libyan uprising assisted by NATO, under resolutions 1970, and 1973, which authorised the bombarding of key Gaddafi strongholds, which ended up with the Libyan people storming Tripoli a few days ago, Gaddafi’s Capital, and with them storming into his Bab-Al-AziziYah Compound and taking command of it.

Key battles are still raging though against pro-Gaddafi forces in Sirte, Bani-Walid, Cameron told MPs. But he said that this wasn’t another Iraq though where UK forces would be on the ground dictating what the new Libya should be doing on the ground in their country.

An inquiry has been set up by Sir Peter Gibson, in order to ascertain what happened under the last government in relation to rendition and complicity.

He said that he agreed with the last government in developing a new relationship with Libya under the ex- Gaddafi regime when former PM Blair managed to get Gaddafi to give up his Weapons of Mass Destruction, but Cameron said that the new relationship had become too cosy.

He said ministers will have to be accountable and answer for the issues when the inquiry goes on. The inquiry will be held in public with security aspects held in private.

Cameron gave a stark warning to the Syrian regime in light of the Gaddafi uprising.

“President Asaad should go,” he said.

The hunt for the Colonel by NTC freedom fighters continues, and the PM said that until Gaddafi is tracked down and brought before the International Criminal Court, the job is not over. Gaddafi’s PR spinner Moussa Ibrahim has told foreign reporters that Gaddafi is still in the picture, but not with him.

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